Course Records

NOTE: Course records are only recognized under the following conditions:
a) Round must be played under USGA Rules (no preferred lies).
b) Full Round must be witnessed by at least one more golfer


58 - Craig Martin, Summer 1998

Other Low Rounds:

60 - Joby Gray, August 2011

60 - Joby Gray, June 2015

60 - Rusty Wilson, July 2018 (Note: Rusty had nines of 34 and 26, the 26 is a record on the back nine and ties scramble record on that nine as well!)
Single Round During a Tournament: 
61 - Alfred "Thumper" Gaylean ("4th of July Tournament" 2012)
62 - Dustin Gunkel (Club Championship 2010)

36 Holes Aggregate:
130 - Joby Gray, 2011 Club Championship (65-65)
128 - Alfred "Thumper" Galyean, 2012 "4th of July Tournament" (67/61)

(*) The previous course record before changes of length and design were made, is held by Craig Martin who scored a 59 (1999). 


David Poole 65-68 (Club Champion) - RunnerU Up Mark Fairchild 

AA - Jonathan Gore (Champion); Jeff Donaghey (Net Winner)

A - Tie between Kim Jordan & Greg Dodson

B - David Lantz (Champion); Joe Wynn (Net Winner)

C - Ricky marr (Champion); Don Murphey (Net Winner)

D - Robert Gore (Champion); Brad Gilbert (Net Winner)

Co-Senior Overall Champions: Jack Coody & Jeff Donaghey

Young Seniors: Jeff Donaghey (Champion); Robert Gore (Net Winner)

Mid Seniors: Jack Coody (Champion); Rusty Ridling (Net Winner)

Super Seniors: Robert Lakey (Champion); David Bank (Net Winner)

Note: David Poole made a hole-in-one on #17 (35th hole) to win by 5.