Normal Spring Schedule

Mon: 11:00 am to 7:00 pm
Tue-Sun: 9:00 am to 7:00 pm​

Brad Gilbert

Board President

March 30, 2020

Because of the national emergency concerning the spread of coronavirus, we have taken the following precautions by following guidelines set by Governor Kevin Stitt and health authorities as follows:

- Golf Course and practice green will remain open.
-  Both outside bathrooms are closed.
-  Please observe the 6 foot rule. Do not congregate in large groups. No scorecards or 

- Rakes in sand bunkers have been removed. If you land in a bunker, please smooth

  footprints with your feet and as a local rule, you may place the ball before playing from the

- Flagpoles have been secured with a rubbery yellow foam (“pull noodle”). When playing,

  please do not remove the flagpole. If ball touches and/or bounces off this yellow rubbery

  foam, it is considered to be holed out.
- We have two porta-pottys next to the main building, these are not sanitized on a regular

  basis. Please take as many precautions as possible. We will sanitize the door handles

  regularly, but cannot guarantee these are totally sanitized at the time of use.
- Please follow instructions on all golf course signs.
- Range Balls services will be closed until further notice.

- Snack Bar area will be closed. If you need anything from the snack bar services, we will

  charge your account or a credit card and bring it out.
- Pro-Shop/Office: When open, no more than four non-employees in the pro-shop; when

  closed, please call 580-225-5454 Ext 1 (all calls are forwarded to Alex’s cellphone) to

  check your group in or for help with your account. Non-Members will be asked to pay cart

  and green fee by phone with credit card number.

All tournament through April have been either postponed or cancelled. We will adapt our schedule as best as possible once we return to normality.
All Tuesday Night Men Scrambles are cancelled until further notice.

January 21

Annual Stockholders meeting was held last night at the Elk City Civic Center. Three outgoing board members were re-elected to another 3-year term: Jordan Williamson, Joe Wynn & Aaron Kauk. All were elected by acclamation began by Mike Williamson and seconded by David Dyson.

President Brad Gilbert started the meeting by leading all attendees to do the Pledge of Allegiance. He informed the audience of the status of the lawsuit against Philadelphia Insurance Co. Stockholders received all financial information and a recap of 2019. For the full report, please contact our office and we will send you a PDF file.

NEWS 2019:

February 5

On Monday, February 4, The City of Elk City's City Commission approved the "lease to purchase" of several hundred thousand dollars in Toro Equipment for the golf course's use. The Elk City Country Club will pay a percentage of the cost. The equipment will be a great asset to the maintenance of the course since the newest piece of equipment for now is at least 10 years old.

The 2019 final version of the Tournament Calendar has been released (you can see that one in the "Tournament Calendar" tab).

January 24:

Annual Stockholders meeting was held on January 21 at the Elk City Civic Center. Three board members' seats ended term: Blake Brewer, Kim Jordan and Greg Dodson. All expressed desire to run for their seat again. Blake Brewer was challenged by Dr. Dave Bank. Blake Brewer was elected 29 to 21. Kim Jordan and Greg Dodson were elected by acclamation. 

Among the discussions was the state of the lawsuit against the insurance company, and there is no date for the trial. Moran Equipment offered to help level the area where the clubhouse once was, level it and beautify it. It was accepted. As well, the City of Elk City and board of directors along with member David Dyson are in negotiations in order to save the club several thousand dollars a year in equipment lease. Details will e available when contract is signed.